I am trying to organize my oboe stuff and just read Marie Kondo. I am a terrible photographer but can answer any questions you have and send you more photos. Contact me through this website if you’re interested in purchasing anything. I have some more items, but for now:

English Horn Bocals

Laubin #1 $295

Shaper Tips

Gomberg (rare, #1 in photograph) by Westwind $150

Lucarelli by Westwind (#2 in photograph) $150

Knife Sharpening equipment

MMI dual-sided sharpening steel—NEW $30

Razor Edge guides $5 each x 2 remaining

Stanley Mini Trimming Plane x 2 $5 each

Two Oboe Pegs in Stand, by Forrest, a bit beaten but super-solid and smooth in the bells $20 OBO

Dampits, old x 3 FREE with any purchase


I have hundreds of used knives, many of them old and made of better steel than current versions. I can regrind to your specifications. Landwell, Nielsen, Chudnow, Coelho, floral, Jende, etc. Contact me with what you want.